ESG projects

We are respectful of the environment. We have number of ESG projects in our group that are either in preparation, running or already finalised. Please see our selection of ESG projects (Environmental, Social and Governance).

Greening of PROMET FOUNDRY in Vsetín

This is a significant internal investment in sustainable development, both in terms of ecological benefits and streamlining of the production process, worth nearly CZK 450 million. Our foundry is located close to the urban development and for its further long-term operation it is necessary to prepare it for the current conditions, when great importance is attached to the impact of industrial operations on their surroundings. Therefore, the owners have taken the fundamental decision to significantly modernise this operation.

This investment will allow the capture of fugitive particulate emissions that have not yet been removed, which will help to reduce the impact of our operations on their surroundings and enable us to continue multi-shift operations after the upgrade, where we can recruit up to 100 new workers and significantly increase our competitiveness in the market thanks to new production technologies. More about the project here.  

Greening of the TATRA METALURGIE foundry

In April 2021, KOFING became the general contractor for the major project "Greening of the TATRA METALURGIE a.s. foundry" by signing a contract. in Kopřivnice. The subject of the work is in particular the reconstruction of the existing part of the foundry's production facilities, the modification of the buildings and the extensive supply of new technology for moulding, melting, extraction and filtration of exhaust gases and the implementation of the necessary connections of the new technology to the existing one with the clear objective of reducing emissions of particulate pollutants (mainly the fine fraction PM2.5). 

At the beginning of November, we obtained the final building permit and started dismantling work on the project "Ecologisation of the TATRA METALURGIE SLÉVÁRNY" in Kopřivnice. The design work is in full swing and we will start demolition of the buildings by the end of this year.

The bulk of the work on site will take place in 2022, with trial operation planned for the first quarter of 2023. More about the project here.

TAWESCO Energy Savings - renovating the Roof

TAWESCO s.r.o. is implementing the project Energy savings of the building hall 410, press shop, building in the premises of Tatra Truck, Kopřivnice, with the support of the European Regional Development Fund in the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness. The project concerns the reconstruction of the roof cladding, including its insulation, i.e. replacement of the complete roof composition, including the roof skylights. It also includes the replacement of lighting circuits and the addition of automatic control, including the replacement of lighting fixtures in the 1st floor and 1st floor of the hall. The aim of this project is the overall energy saving of the hall. More about the project here

Soundproofing of the TAWESCO AUTOMOTIVE production plant in Úvaly near Prague

The TWSA production facility was built in 1999 in a remote part of the town of Úvaly. Over the years, residential development has moved into the direct vicinity of our plant, which by the nature of its production is a source of noise emissions for its adjacent surroundings, which brings with it stimuli from our neighbours. Therefore, after several discussions with the neighbours, TWSA, in addition to the introduction of regime measures, has proceeded to invest nearly 250 million euros in soundproofing the site. CZK.

This is the construction of logistics terminals, behind the walls of which most of the logistics processes that burden the surrounding area with their noise will now take place. Along with these terminals, an extension and reconstruction of the administration building is planned, which will provide better working conditions and also a completely new social facility for employees, which will contribute to raising the hygiene standard at the workplaces. An interesting part of this investment is the installation of a wastewater recovery system, whereby so-called grey water will be treated and used as utility water on the site.

This will reduce the consumption of drinking water and sewage, thus contributing to the relief of the existing urban networks, which are at their capacity limits in view of the aforementioned residential development. This project, which has been in the pipeline for a long time, has encountered various difficulties in the permitting process, which started last June and whose completion cannot be predicted. We are ready, under any circumstances, to proceed with the start of works as soon as the building consent is granted, so that this investment can be beneficial to its surroundings and our employees and completed as soon as possible.

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