Employee sponsoring

Do you have a sport team, culture event or plan a social event? We gladly support your non-work activities from our employee sponsoring programme.

Conditions for sponsoring request

  • Being a skeleton employee of one of our companies, not being in the trial period or notice period.
  • One activity can be supported only through one support request. In the case of the positive outcome for the request, the employee can propose another request in a year’s time. In case where the request was not approved, the employee can do two requests per year.
  • We require a fair play. The money is used for the stated purpose within the agreement.
  • The form to apply to the programme can be found below. Please fill in the form and send it to podpora@prometgroup.eu. In case you do not have our corporate email address, you can provide the form to the local HR department in closed envelope as our HR colleagues must comply with non-disclosure conditions.
  • Employees of Tatra Trucks and Tatra Metalurgie are eligible to request only in our programme or in CSG programme.

1st round

January to March

evaluation in April

2nd round

April to June

evaluation in July

3rd round

July to September

evaluation in October

4th round

October to December

evaluation in January next year

Evaluation of the sponsoring requests

The selection of the projects chosen for support will always be picked the following month after the yearly quarter period of requests collection.

The selection is evaluated and awarded support by the elected board our of the top management of PROMET. Each project can be supported up to 600 EUR and we will pick at least 5 requests to support for every quarter.

The requestees whose projects will be evaluated positively will be contacted  to arrange the documents and agreement of sponsoring.

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