PROMET Foundation

We believe that it is important to support our employees in their jobs and the challenging circumstances life bring on us. Having this on mind we established fond PROMET and cooperation with major Czech foundation Konto Bariéry to help our employees and their family members to meet the needs these health challenges might create.

Fond PROMET was established under the patronage of the major Czech foundation Konto Bariéry and is available to our employees from any company that is a member of the group. The fond is dedicated to cover the financial costs balancing the health issues and challenges. The typical aid consists of purchasing the medical equipment or financing the services to aid the everyday life.


Support from the PROMET fond

Below you can find the conditions on being eligible to draw support/financial aid:

  • Being a skeleton employee of one of our companies, not being in the trial period or notice period.
  • The support can be provided to our employee or his/her family member.
  • The support/financial aid is solely dedicated for the medical equipment or financial services or help concerning health issues.
  • The form to apply to the programme can be found below. Please fill in the form and send it to In case you do not have our corporate email address, you can provide the form to the local HR department in closed envelope as our HR colleagues must comply with non-disclosure conditions.

The support requests are evaluated during the whole year. The evaluating board consists of two members of top managers of the Promet Group and two members from Konto Bariéry that manages our fond. In the case of the positive outcome, the applicant is contacted by our colleague from Konto Bariéry who will support the applicant in all the needed documents and solution.

Even here we kindly ask for fair approach from both sides, so that all the financial aid is used for the dedicated purpose. However, if there is a needed change in the purpose of the financing of the requested services or medical equipment during the preparation of documents, it is of course adjustable.

The requests and associated documents are strictly confidential and it is up to you if you will disclose more documents than needed, for instance for the purpose of the second opinion on the medical case. For the PR purposes we never disclose the purpose or kind of support we provided, not the number of cases supported, we only state the cumulative amount per year.

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