Renovating the roof of the Tawesco pressing plant will save half the energy costs and significantly reduce CO₂ emissions.

The roof renovation and replacement of lighting was completed in the Kopřivnice production hall, which was built in the 1970s. The cost of the work exceeded CZK 157 million.

A costly investment was necessary. The roof sheathing was already at the end of its useful life and the trapezoidal sheets were in a state of disrepair. The hall was leaking, that damaging the structure and restricting the flow of production. Fluorescent lighting or sodium lamp fixtures were replaced with energy-saving LED fixtures with automatic control and remote operation. After less than two years of work the job is complete and Tawesco can now boast a new insulated roof and new lighting. The Energy Savings Project was co-financed by the European Union, which contributed a grant of 33 million crowns.

Benefits of greening the Tawesco hall

Both implementations will ensure significant savings in energy consumption. The replacement of the roof cladding with insulation of the roof area and vertical walls of the roof levels and the replacement of the lighting fulfilled the requirements of the energy assessment that was the basis for the project. This determined a minimum saving of:

Energy consumption 51,89%
CO2 savings 1.109,806 t/year

Ekologizace střechy Tawesca

28. 7. 2023 Investments, ESG

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