World premiere of the hydrogen-powered Tatra

At the H2 Forum 2023 conference in Ostrava focused on hydrogen technology we are presenting our comprehensive technological solution for hydrogen infrastructure with TATRA trucks for the first time.

The blue Tatra with hydrogen depicted on the cab door stands unmissable in front of the Gong auditorium in Dolní Vítkovice. It is the only one of its kind in the world. And we offer project and technical solutions for hydrogen filling stations for this unique car with emission-free propulsion.

"Throughout its history, TATRA has been a bearer of progress and innovation. And this is no different now. The combination of the traditional proven TATRA chassis and hydrogen propulsion on the new Force platform creates a unique emission-free solution offering a wide variety of configurations and applications. This prototype is the first glimpse of the near future. Tatra will thus offer its customers the perfect tool to meet their own ESG goals and contribute to the birth and development of the hydrogen economy not only in our region," said Radim Matera from Promet Group's management responsible for innovation projects on the premiere of the hydrogen Tatra.

The two-day H2 Forum 2023 conference in the Gong Auditorium is attended by 28 speakers and 37 international guests. It is the largest event of its kind focused on hydrogen technology and hydrogen development in the Czech Republic. It is organised by the Moravian-Silesian Region, which is also one of the founders of the Moravian-Silesian Hydrogen Cluster.

"Especially today, framed by the unpredictability of electricity and gas, it is confirmed that we need hydrogen. Period. We need to pull out all the stops and give the development of hydrogen technology the highest priority. If we join forces, we will be able to inspire each other, transfer know-how and jointly seek European money. Who else but the coal regions should be the first hydrogen valleys in the Czech Republic?", comments Jakub Unucka, Deputy Governor of the MS Region.

24. 10. 2023 Events, ESG, Facts

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