Skills for tomorrow’s world

We use the latest technologies that allow us to create perfect products and protect the environment (not only) in our region. We base the skills that characterize us as a group on three points:


The group heavily invests in the revitalization of machinery parks and the acquisition of new machines to increase capacity, optimize production processes and simplify the passage of products through production. For new investments, we always carefully consider the acquisition value and service costs, as well as compatibility with other technologies. We now place great emphasis on the optimization of logistics and focus our future plans on managing material flows in production, the fluidity of workplaces, and on technical improvements that will increase workplace comfort and ensure high product quality.


Taking care of manufacturing areas and administrative buildings is also an integral part. As a group, we have made a commitment to gradually restore and improve not only the condition of our manufacturing halls, but also our workplace environment, whether production or office positions. Step by step, we are modifying and investing in the appearance and comfort of our buildings, so that our investments in technology are properly protected and our colleagues can work in a more pleasant environment.


We perceive the greatest strength of our group in the combination of many production processes and our focus on niche activities. Our production focuses on larger and more complicated parts and orders. We combine our divisions so that we can take advantage of synergies between the companies and aim to provide complete service for our partners.

10. 2. 2022 Investments, Facts

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