Safe and comfortable

One of the important goals of our group is to build a safe and pleasant working environment. We spend up to a quarter of our adult lives at work, which is why we are constantly looking for ways to improve the working environment in our companies.

Our efforts in establishing good conditions for our colleagues are focused on three areas. These are health and safety, maintenance of machinery and equipment, and working environment and comfort.


We comply with all legal standards and laws regarding workplace safety. We have our own department staffed by colleagues with focus and knowledge of all areas of health and safety. These colleagues set up and oversee a comprehensive set of measures and rules for individual workplaces and guidelines and controls to eliminate and prevent risks. In addition to analyzing the risks of individual workplaces, we also ensure proper recordkeeping and, above all, the prevention of accidents on the job that can occur in production facilities and service companies.


One of the important parameters in which we invest considerable resources into is the maintenance and service of our machines and equipment, which enables us to carry out orders for our partners. We carefully plan regular machine checks and servicing, as well as regular investments to increase these checks and prevent breakdowns and risks, both for our employees and partners and for our status as a reliable supplier.


We strive to improve the workplaces in all our companies. We are gradually investing in new technologies and equipment to bring comfort to our colleagues and efficiency to our production. At the same time, we pay attention to the identification of other needs of our colleagues and try to adapt to provide even small benefits for specific workplaces. Some examples include hot ionote drinks for production workers or free coffee for office workers.

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