Project Greening of the foundry - Promet Foundry

We’re going full speed ahead with the project Greening of the foundry - Promet Foundry. Work is taking place simultaneously in almost every corner of the foundry, so we bring you current information from the place. And there is A LOT of going on!

We are finishing the new roof of the foundry including installation of skylights, ventilation system and filters. Under the roof we are installing new energy-saving lighting for the foundry and cleaning plant.

Investments in technology are not lagging behind! Beside the fact that blasting machine is already completed, which we informed you about in previous posts, we work on the construction of the foundation of the new hand molding machine’s shake out grate. At the same time, mixer settler, roller tracks and a new electrical installation are being installed there.

New induction furnace imported from Britain which is installed at the foundry should go into trial operation at the end of May. We have already filmed a short video about the import and installation of this furnace in the past.

At the same time, We are reingorcing crane tracks and then the installation of the new bridge cranes, new trollies and electrical installations will take place.

Drum-hanging blasting machine was put into trial operation in the cleaning plant and the start of trial operation of a two-table blasting machine is being prepared. In April, trial operation of a new core shop was started.

The work is demanding but we believe that it makes sense and will help to develop not only the traditional Vsetín foundry but also the entire region.


26. 4. 2023 Investments, ESG

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