New trailers of PROMET LOGISTICS

Our transport company is expanding its fleet. It has purchased two aluminium tipping trailers for bulk material. Each of them can hold up to 55 cubic meters of cargo! These beauties now travel every week with full loads from Valašské Meziříčí to France.

"With this purchase, we satisfied our customer who needed a rear bucket closure in a triple lid-door combination for material tipping. Each cost over 1 million crowns. We chose according to their performance," says Michal Večeřa, director of PROMET LOGISTICS, who started to replace the trailers last year. "We now transport chemical material in these two, but they are also suitable for transporting agro commodities such as rapeseed, grain and other granulated material. We plan to buy four more for this year. One aluminium, one iron and two tarpaulin."

PROMET LOGISTICS was primarily established in 2007 as a logistics company for companies within the Promet Group. Gradually, their customer portfolio expanded to include external companies, which now account for 45% of orders. The company wants to grow, so it is always looking for new partners.

  • The company uses a total of 22 tractors (9 with folding trailers, 13 with canvas trailers), 4 solo trucks up to 12 tonnes and 2 vans for transport within Europe.
  • It mainly transports automotive components, pallet goods, pig iron, ferroalloys, scrap iron and agro commodities - from grain to fertiliser granules.
  • The PROMET LOGISTICS fleet currently operates mainly within the Czech Republic and Germany, and also travels to France, Poland, Austria and Slovenia. The most distant destinations are the south of Spain and Athens, Greece.

15. 5. 2024 Investments

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