Denisa Materová at the Forbes magazine gala

"My brother and I perceive the company as our younger sister," explained the PROMET GROUP board member at an event dedicated to family businesses.

She and her brother Radim Matera recently took over the management of Promet Group and, in her words, "they had to earn it a little bit, want it badly and carve their own path."

During her on-stage interview with Kristýna Tmejová, Denisa talked about how the handover took place in the Matera family, as well as her insights from her new role. In the article by Julia Mahlerová on, the following interesting facts were also mentioned:

  • "Already five years ago, my father talked to us about whether we had a strong enough relationship with the company and tested us in business situations. He had us prepare a meeting, then maybe he didn't show up and we had to handle it ourselves."
  • "My father was very responsible in the generational handover of the business and planned well ahead. He took inspiration from noble families. Our system has some elements in common with the aristocratic one. It protects the company."
  • "Once we have children, they too will know what will result for them when they are or are not involved in the company."
  • "But it wasn't a clear path for me. I was getting into situations where I was questioning whether I was right for the business."
  • "I don't like the statement that the Czech Republic is an assembly plant. There are plenty of great companies here and there is no need to invite foreign investors. A lot of things are being created in our country, but we don't talk much about it."
  • "Family businesses are like the jewels of Czech industry and business."

Full article here: Nemám ráda tvrzení, že Česko je montovna, říká Materová z Promet Group — Forbes

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