Congratulations to our Croatian colleagues from Đuro Đaković

Three years ago we became co-owners of the Croatian freight wagon manufacturer Đuro Đaković Grupa d.d. Since then we have managed to triple our production volume!

"From the original 270 wagons, we produced 840 wagons last year and we are heading for a thousand," says Denisa Materová, member of the board of directors of Promet Group.

Martin Kamarad, Member of the Board of Directors of Promet Group and CFO of the Group, also confirms that entering the railway business was the right direction. We expect that the market demand for our products will continue to grow, even in view of the high average age of carrier fleets."

We will therefore continue to invest in the Croatian company. "Our goal is to become a European number three with Đuro Đaković," says Martin Kamarád convincingly.

26. 3. 2024 Results, Investments

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