Services & Products

Promet Group is a supplier to a number of industries. The services and products created by the companies are aimed at covering the widest possible range of our partners' needs.


Production processes

Products & Services

01 Development and Design

02 Material Preparation

03 Machining

04 Pressing

05 Welding

06 Painting

07 Assembly

01 Heavy Trucks

02 Railway wagons

03 Complete chassis

04 Welded frames and parts

05 Bodywork and moulded parts

06 Press tools and welding fixtures



Production processes

Products & Services

01 Foundry

02 Forge

03 Machining and Painting

04 Assembly

01 Castings (grey and ductile iron, steel, aluminium)

02 Forgings

03 Assembly parts

04 Raw materials for foundries and steelworks



Production processes

Products & Services

01 Material preparation

02 Welding

03 Machining

04 Laser burning

05 Assembly

01 Steel structures

02 Technological units

03 Industrial buildings


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