René Matera died. Founder of our Promet Group was also a patriot of Ostrava.

René Matera succumbed to a serious illness on Wednesday 11th October. Last year he handed over the management of the family business to his wife Hana and children Denise and Radim Matera. He himself continued to serve on its supervisory board.

René Matera graduated from the Mining University in Ostrava. He started his career in the mid-1980s in Vítkovice in the assembly of steel mills, rolling mills and machine shops. The history of the Promet Group dates back to 1992, when he founded the first company Procento, s.r.o. - a small trading company dedicated to supplying raw materials and supplies for steelworks.

Thanks to hard work, the scope of his companies' fields of activity gradually grew. His business philosophy was to create an industrial group in which the companies complement each other's activities. Today, the Promet Group comprises more than forty companies employing over four thousand people and reporting consolidated sales in excess of ten billion crowns.

The production plants that are part of the Promet Group continue the tradition of Czech engineering, mechanical engineering and metallurgy. The Group is headquartered in Ostrava. It has plants mainly in Moravia, for example in Kopřivnice or Vsetín, but also in Úvaly near Prague or in Slavonski Brod, Croatia. Customers of the individual divisions are leading European automotive companies, manufacturers of handling and agricultural equipment, foundries and steelworks. The Group also co-owns with Czechoslovak Group and CE Industries the truck manufacturer Tatra or the Croatian manufacturer of railway freight wagons Đuro Đaković.

In the case of Kopřivnice Tatra, René Matera was instrumental in its rescue and development. He has also contributed significantly to projects that commemorate Tatra history, such as the construction of the new Tatra Truck Museum in Kopřivnice or the reconstruction of the legendary motor car "Slovenská strela" and the creation of its exhibition.

In connection with last year's handover of the management of the Group to his wife and children, René Matera said, "The time has come to give our children the space to further develop Promet Group, which I am handing over to them as a major Central European company in the fields of metallurgy, engineering and engineering. I am glad that they have decided to continue its management and thus preserve the spirit of a family company."

A public farewell to René Matera will be held on Sunday, 15 October 2023 from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. in the funeral ceremony hall of the crematorium in Silesian Ostrava. A farewell party for family and friends will take place from 12:00.

13. 10. 2023 Staff,

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