I am proud to be involved in the Czech industry

Denisa Materová, member of the Board of Directors of Promet Group, introduced our family company in an interview for the business editorial office of Seznam Zprávy.

"We employ over 4,000 people. The most difficult thing is not only the responsibility to the company as such, to keep it in the right pace and strategy, but primarily it is the responsibility to the people," she said in an interview with Zuzana Hodková. "Often we have multiple generations of families working for us. We live in the area where we are based. And we want to continue to be in a position where we can meet our people and look them in the eye with peace of mind."

Other topics were also discussed:

- How is he different from his father, Rene Matera?
- How did Promet Group fare last year and in what ways?
- The importance of diversifying TAWESCO's customers and its results last year
- Increasing production and innovation at TATRA TRUCKS a.s.
- Three-year growth in sales of freight wagons Đuro Đaković Grupa d.d.
- The future of Liberty production and their employees
- Acquisition strategy of our Group

You can watch the full interview here.


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