Flue gas pipelines for the Brno incinerator

Our company KOFING from Paskov has successfully completed another interesting order. It has produced the pipe parts of the flue pipe, which is part of the construction of the incinerator in Brno.

✔ 13 tonnes of flue pipes first went from KOFING to the Brno incinerator for assembly.

✔ Here, our fitters first dismantled the old flue pipe, including the insulation, which was in a really bad condition.

✔ Then they started to assemble the parts made by us.

✔ They provided them with insulation and then they could proudly hand over the finished flue to the customer.

✔ The hard work of the workshop, fitters and subcontractors was behind the whole job.

✔ If you need a turnkey flue pipe, Kofing is the right choice.

20. 11. 2023 Facts

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