The new CEO of TATRA TRUCKS is Pavel Lazar

As of 1.6.2019 the new CEO of TATRA TRUCKS is Pavel Lazar. Alternating the previous CEO interim manager Petr Karásek, Pavel Lazar takes over the agenda and his key role is to fulfill all the customers’ demand in the time of TATRA TRUCKS’s year by year growth.

Pavel Lazar comes to TATRA TRUCKS from the role of CEO in its former subsidiary TAWESCO. TAWESCO used to be a TATRA TRUCS’s subsidiary, when in 2011 became a sole company sold to the new owner PROMET GROUP which since 2013 owns 35 % of TATRA TRUCKS. Pavel Lazar has a lot of valuable experience in his career that will help him to fulfill the challenging role of a new CEO in TATRA TRUCKS.

We will Pavel Lazar all the best in his career and a new managerial challenge!